Plant of the Month - September

As the days become shorter and we move into the autumn months there are still many plants which produce an excellent display of colour. Many of our September selection are sure to be featured at Chelsea flower show, which is being held this month.


Rudbeckia have daisy-like flowers that provide a blaze of colour in late summer. They are generally low maintenance, have a long flowering season and are great for attracting wildlife.

Many Rudbeckias stay attractive through winter. The stems and distinctive rounded seed heads persist well, providing food for birds and shelter for wildlife.

Rudbeckia Summerina

A relatively new introduction in Rudbeckia, this variety incorporates the appearance of a Rudbeckia and the hardiness of a Echinacea. It has a long flowering period from Summer into Autumn, they produce an abundance of flowers growing up to 60cm tall.

Rudbeckia Little Goldstar

'Little Goldstar' is a compact, clump-forming perennial, growing up to 50cm in height and width, with toothed, hairy leaves. Golden-yellow daisy-like flowers with dark brown central cones are borne on branching upright stems from mid-summer to autumn.

Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemones give borders a welcome boost in late summer and early autumn. They enjoy well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Mulch around the plants each year, and be prepared to lift and divide clumps if they spread beyond their bounds.

All our square pot anemone are currently £9.99 2 for £15.

Anemone Fantasy

A new compact series growing up to 45cm, lots of flowers on this compact perennial plant.

Anemone Swan Series

Anemone Wild Swan is a recent introduction to the Anemone group. It has a very long, intermittent flowering season going from early summer well into the autumn . It boasts white flowers with a blue reverse, and flourishes in dappled shade (check out our plant of the month for august for more plants for shade). Winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award in 2011.

Traditional Anemone

We have a wide selection of more traditional anemone which are ideal for adding structure and hight to the border in late summer are favourites include Honorine Jobert and Whirlwind.

Hebe Addenda

Hebe Addenda is an evergreen plant that will display dazzling blooms until late autumn. Butterflies, bees and other pollinators love the flowers of Hebe because of its nectar-rich flowers. Hebe's have a long flowering period, right up until the first frosts adding much needed structure to the garden, ideal in pots or containers placed in a sheltered area of the garden.

Autumn bedding

As we enter the autumn it is important not to forget your containers and hanging baskets. We have a few suggestions to help inject some colour into these for the autumn and winter.

Our pansy and viola 6 pack bedding are grown on our nursery. They are currently on offer at £3.99 each or two boxes for £5.

A favourite of the winter garden, pansy and viola provide a long lasting addition of colour to the garden borders or in containers and hanging baskets. You can see a selection of our varieties in the pictures below.

Coolwave pansy

Currently £1.99 each or 3 pots for £5.

Brighten up winter containers with the vibrant colours of Pansy ‘Coolwave’. These tough little bedding plants are a breeding breakthrough, bred for a gently cascading habit with large, showy flowers and a fabulous colour mix. Free-flowering and easy to grow, these Pansies are at their best during the coldest months when few other plants dare to bloom, but will keep going right through to the following summer. Perfect for filling hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes with long-lasting colour. Trails to: 60cm (24”). Spread: 30cm (12”).

We hope you enjoyed this blog post featuring plants for Autumn colour. If you would like to read more about our current plant offers please click here.

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