Plant of the Month - May

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As we enter the warmer, summer months with milder nights our thoughts turn to introducing colour to our gardens. With us all set to be spending more time in the garden this summer entertaining friends and family, now is the perfect time to think about planting your summer hanging baskets for long lasting summer colour.

All the plants mentioned here are grown on our own nursery which has been expanded this year to include a brand new dual growing tunnel. Look out for these plants grown in Waresley red pots. We grow a large range of plants suitable for all colour schemes and styles of basket. Here are 5 of our favourites and some of our new range for 2021;

Callibricoa Calibrachoa - Are a popular choice for summer colour, producing cascades of dainty blooms all summer long until the first frosts in the Autumn. A perfect choice for adding an avalanche of colour from your hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Bacopa - Produce amazing cascades of dainty flowers in a range of soft pastel shades. This brilliant trailing plant is perfect for your baskets and window boxes, where you will get a stunning display through the summer with most varieties trailing up to 60cm+.

Sky Series Petunia - These fabulous varieties offer unique and striking colour combinations and look dazzling cascading from hanging baskets and containers, providing colour all summer long. This Sky Series shows excellent wet weather tolerance and look good planted alone or mixed with other summer flowering varieties.

Nemesia - Are amazing upright fragrant plants that are available in a huge range of colours. Compact in height and spread they are ideal for low borders, flower beds or patio pots and containers. The scented flowers are produced throughout the summer months, making them a superb addition to any garden.

Verbena Showboat - A new broad-leaf type Verbena producing foliage smothered in masses of flowers. A great addition to pots or even at the front of a border, where it will provide a weed-smothering mat of colour all summer long. These plants have a mounding, arching habit with a large flower head.

Some more highlights from our new 2021 range;

Nemesia Lady - Delicate but distinctive perfume. These free-flowering annuals bloom tirelessly throughout the summer, making a pretty display in hanging baskets, window boxes and patio pots. Perfect for mixed plantings or grouped together.

Portulaca Pazzaz Nano Candy - The Pazzaz Nano series sports a compact, mounding habit with big flowers that will open early in the morning and create a beautiful ball of colour well into the evening.

Biden Double Sun, Sun Drop Double Yellow - Features very large, double flowers on a mounding habit. Large, eye-catching blooms work well in mixed baskets and patio containers. This yellow Biden forms a tidy mound in the garden. Flowers from Spring to Autumn. These large, double blooms are substantially larger in size than the competition.

Peunia Mystic Midnight Gold - This brand new variety delivers layer upon layer of velvety-black petals, each edged in pale gold. Petunia 'Mystical Midnight Gold' is certainly one of the most lavish varieties you’ll find. With a compact, well-branched habit, it is perfect for creating an opulent display in hanging baskets and containers. Expect a free-flowering display that will last all summer. Height and spread: 20cm (8”).

Callibricoa Blueberry Punch - An exciting new variety that is often regarded as a miniature Petunia. Each plant will grow bunches of brilliant white flowers with an exploding purple centre. This summer-flowering plant grows to an average height of 30cm, perfect for planting in your patio pots and containers, or in seasonal hanging baskets. Blooms from June all the way through to October.

All the plants raised will require frost protection in the from of horticultural fleece or you can lift a basket or container into the house overnight.

Below our plant area manager shows us how to plant up your own pair of hanging baskets. For a chance to win the hanging baskets featured below.

Create your own Hanging Basket display

To get started you will need;

- Miracle-Gro Moisture control compost.

- A bag of Sphagnum Moss

- Hanging baskets of your choice.

- A selection of basket plants, we suggest choosing a ranging including bushy varieties and trailers.

First line the base of your hanging basket with a good layer of Moss.

At this stage you could add a saucer at the very base to help the hanging basket retain moisture.

You may also choose to add chicken wire to line the inside of your hanging basket, this prevents the Moss being taken by birds.

Now add a layer of the Moisture control compost, not completely covering the moss layer at the edges.

If you have a lot of standard multi-purpose sitting around you can use that instead by adding moisture crystals and a slow release feed.

Here we have added in a layer of 6 bush Lobelia. We have used a bush variety rather that a trailer as this give a more desirable appearance.

Space the plants evenly around the outside of your basket with the plant poking through the wire.

You can now build up your Moss layer and top the Lobelia with more compost.

Once you are around 3 inches from the top of the hanging basket you can add your next layer of Lobelia.

For the best appearance try to stager them from the layer below.

Now complete your Moss edging and pile on the compost, right to the top of the hanging basket.

In the centre we have added an Osteospermum to give some central height and colour.

Around the edge we have added a variety of 6 basket plants all grown on our own nursery. These include, Bacopa, Tumbelina, Petunia, and Calibrachoa in 3 colours. This selection will include a good range of colours and create a pretty display all summer long without the need to do much dead heading.

Your hanging basket is now complete, you may choose like us to create a pair to dress your entrance way or porch.

Water well the same day and then daily through summer. They should continue to do well all summer long but if they are looking a little sad towards late summer you can add a liquid feed to perk them up.

These hanging baskets are being given away on our Facebook page from the 01/05 at 9am. For a chance of winning them check out all the details here. Giveaway closes on the 7th of May at 7PM. Please note you must be able to collect them from us by the 14th of May.