March's plant of the Month - The Prunus

As we ease gently into spring with our current spell of mild weather we can begin to look ahead to planting one of our favourite spring flowering trees. The prunus also known as the flowering cherry, these ornamental cherry trees produce a spectacular spring blossom with fantastic coloured leaves seeing in the Autumn season.

Our plant area team has recently taken delivery of our spring trees and certainly one of the most popular is the flowering cherry with it being ideal for the smaller garden. They are renowned for producing an abundance of flowers in the spring and summer in various shades of pink and white both in single and double flowers. They grow in array of shapes from weeping trees to columnar, as well as a more traditional looking tree. In the autumn many varieties give lovely shows of autumnal leaf colours in a wide range of rich yellows and reds. Most varieties will grow in a range of locations and soil types. The flowering cherry is one of a handful of trees that is well suited to a smaller plot.

Below are six varieties we have carefully chosen that illustrate the wide range of interest there is in flowering cherries.

Prunus okame

Okamé' is a round-headed small deciduous tree with ovate leaves turning orange and red in autumn. Single carmine-pink flowers 2cm in width are borne in profusion.

Prunus autumnalis

'Autumnalis' is an elegant, small, spreading deciduous tree with ovate leaves turning yellow in autumn. Semi-double white flowers 1.5cm in width which are some of the first flowers to emerge in the gardening year.

Prunus royal burgundy

'Royal Burgundy' is a vigorous tree growing up to 8 meters, grows upright at first, then spreading, with reddish-black leaves, deep coppery red when young, and turning orange and scarlet in autumn. Clusters of double pink flowers appear with or just before the leaves in mid-spring.

Prunus kanzan

Kanzan' is a medium-sized deciduous tree, coppery-brown young foliage and vivid purplish-pink double flowers 5cm in width opening from crimson buds.

Prunus serrula

Serrula is a round-headed small deciduous tree. The trunk with shining coppery-brown young bark. Narrow leaves turn yellow in autumn. Flowers 2cm in width, white, in small clusters

And finally one of our favourites due to compact columnar habit is the prunus amanogowa

'Amanogawa' is a small, narrowly fastigiate deciduous tree with slightly fragrant, semi-double, pale pink flowers in late spring; in autumn, the leaves turn orange and red.

All of our trees are grown in the UK in Herefordshire by Frank P Matthews, for more information on the above or on trees generally Frank P Matthews website contains a wealth of information.

Frank P Matthews - Trees for Life

We offer delivery locally on all our plants including trees, for more information on home delivery please visit our website.

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