Creating a Herb Garden Display

We recently created a herb display in our plant area, showcasing the versatility of both our wooden planters and herbs range. We have used an array of common herbs, and a couple of fruit plants to create an attractive display that you can easily recreate at home. Below are the plants we have used for each area.

Stepped Herb Planter (£84.99)

· Top layer contains Chives to add height and trailing rosemary.

· Middle layer contains Thyme and Marjoram adding a contrasting colour.

· Bottom layer contains strawberries ‘Cambridge favourite’ which produce fruit during June and July, whilst flowering they will attract bees and butterflies.

1 Meter Veg Bed (£99.99)

· We have planted a variety of herbs here, the lavender has been added to attract pollinators. Rosemary, Sage, Curry plant, Fennel, Thyme, Tarragon and Parsley are also showcased here.


· In the smaller terracotta pots we have planted different varieties of Mint, we recommend planting Mint solo in pots as it will quickly take over any area.

· In the low terracotta pot we have planted alpine strawberries, these produce a fairly small fruit, reminiscent of a wild strawberry, sweet in flavour.

· In the large glazed pot we have a Blueberry, this has been planted using John Innes ericaceous compost which holds the moisture and is better for long term planting.

All the herbs we have planted are English grown and come in recyclable pots, they have been chosen as they are all easy to look after, just requiring daily watering in the hotter months. We have used a Levington multi-purpose compost with added John Innes in both our pots and planters. Adding a layer of bark is also an option if you want to cover the exposed soil.

Now is a great time of year to start planting your herb garden, all products featured here are available from us at Waresley Park Garden Centre. You can watch James our plant area manager creating the display below.

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