An Easter gardening round up

As we approach the Easter weekend now is a perfect time to look at adding some colour to your garden. There are many perennials starting to flower including scabious with its pin cushion flowers in both pink or blue or the ever popular perennial wallflower. There is of course a wide variety in our starter perennials ranges (9cm and 1L) which we looked at in more detail in March’s plant of the month – you can read the full blog post here.

Turning our attention to shrubs, many such as Ceanothus Californian Lilac already have buds appearing ripe to flower. There is a wide variety of interest from our Hebe's some with colourful flowers or leaf colours (£11.99 or 2 for £20) and the centre piece of our spring planted containers pictured below.

We now have wide range of herbs in stock ready for planting. You can read more about Herbs in our ‘Creating a Herb Garden Display blog post from last year here. Our strip vegetables have also arrived and are ready for purchase in preparation for planting in your vegetable plot or container when the warmer weather arrives. Most of the strip veg will withstand a cooler night but it is always handy to have a piece of fleece ready if it does drop below zero. We also have in stock chillies, tomato's and pepper’s but these will need to be kept in a heated greenhouse or windowsill until mid-May when the nights have warmed up.

In our May plant of the month we will be looking at summer bedding plants for hanging baskets and containers, these have started to arrive in store but aren't ready for planting out until the temperature warms up during May. Alternatively you can purchase them now and keep in a heated greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.

If you would like to use bedding plants to add a splash of colour to the garden during April then why not consider the bright blue flowers of Sennetii, Pansy, Viola or the bright colourful flower of the outdoor Gerbera. You can see how we’ve used some of our Pansy and Viola ranges to create the planted containers pictured below.

In preparation for the Easter weekend we have a special promotion of buy one get one free on 6 packs of Pansy and Viola, so that's 12 plants for just £3.99 (runs from Wednesday 13th till Wednesday 20th April while stocks last). These will continue flowering for many weeks even when the warmer weather arrives. These plants are perfect for adding a splash of colour to a border and if you’re having visitors over the Easter are a welcoming sight planted in containers next to your front door.

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