Plant of the month - October

As we head into October, we begin to ponder the Autumn planting season. October traditionally see’s the new season of Roses arrive at the garden centre.


Our Roses are grown outdoors in large fields and then lifted in the early Autumn for potting and sale though the Autumn and into the following year. Roses spend the first 3-4 years of their lives planted in fields and take a lot of work to reach the finished product you see in store.


Year one, the land is prepared ready to receive the root stock for the new season the following spring.


Year two, when the ground has warmed up in the Spring the rose rootstocks (special varieties grown for strong root growth and performance) are planted to form the base of any new rose. Once the root stock has rooted it is then budded (a form of grafting the chosen variety to the root stock). These are then given the remainder of the summer to join. During Autumn the growth from the root stock variety is removed leaving only the budded variety to grow.


Year 3 the roses are left to grow and form the plant you purchase. In the Autumn the roses are lifted from the field, pruned to be a much shorter stockier plant and potted up ready for delivery to the garden centre. This potting up continues through until Spring ready for spring/summer deliveries.


Now let’s take a look at a few of our favourite bush varieties for the Autumn season.


Arthur bell
'Arthur Bell' is a small shrub of upright, bushy growth, with glossy bright green foliage and clusters of fragrant, cupped, double flowers 8cm in width, opening bright yellow, ageing too creamy-yellow.


A Large hybrid tea rose, double, primrose yellow with soft pink shading. Sweetly scented. Healthy and vigorous with rich green glossy foliage.


A compact, bushy dwarf shrub with deep green foliage and large clusters of fully double, bright orange-red flowers 6cm in width from Summer to Autumn


Super troper
A floribunda rose which won Rose of the Year in 2010. The vibrant orange of these double blooms stand out from dense dark green foliage. Has a long flowering season.


Rhapsody in blue
A bushy shrub rose with light green leaves and very fragrant, cupped, semi-double purplish-blue flowers fading to slate-blue, with a paler reverse, flowering in summer and autumn


Troika is a Hybrid Tea rose. It has shiny, dark-green leaves that are bronzed when young and in summer and autumn, bears large, fragrant, double, apricot flowers that are flushed red at the edges of their petals.


Of course, we have a wider selection for you to browse in store. There are many roses suitable for named celebration such as golden wedding and silver anniversary. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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