Plant of the month - December 2023

For December plant of the month, we look towards Christmas and the festive favourites Poinsettia and indoor cyclamen.


Poinsettia is a colourful Christmas favourite for many customers. Poinsettias are a warm loving plant from Mexico and ideally need to be kept at 13 degrees Celsius or warmer. The coloured growth is actually leaf bracts rather than flowers, which requires careful growing to promote the red growth requiring a balance of light and darkness to replicate their natural conditions.

To get the best results from your Poinsettia, keep in a warm bright spot in the house away from draughty windows/doors at the correct temperature. It should be watered sparingly from the base.

Keep time kept in cold cars to a minimum to maintain the plant in optimum condition.

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Indoor Cyclamen

Indoor Cyclamen are an ideal houseplant for the autumn. Available in a range of pink, white and red shade as well as frilly flowers.

Cyclamen love a cool frost-free spot, ideally kept above 5 degrees Celsius. If they are placed on a windowsill and cold is forecast, they should be moved to a warmer spot overnight.

Cyclamen like to be kept moist and should be watered from the bottom to avoid the crown rotting

13cm UK grown cyclamen are now available in store.

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