Polka dot plant

Hypoestes. Easy to grow and very colourful small foliage plant. Suitable for most positions although they do not perform so well in shade.



An attractive foliage plant that tolerates low light levels. (Though variegated types prefer lighter conditions).

Slow growing.



Easy to grow and very versatile. Produces long trailing vines making it suitable as both a pot plant or indoor hanging plant.

Very easy to look after.

ficus white sunny.JPG

Boston fern

Nephrolepsis. Like reasonable humidity and keep out of direct sunlight. (They tolerate low light well) Can be grown as a hanging plant.



Very wide ranging group of plants including some beautiful foliage plants. Most are fairly slow growing and prefer to be out of direct sunlight. 


Peace lily

Spathiphyllum. A lovely plant to use as a gift. Easy to care for, it removes many toxins from indoor air including formaldehyde and ammonia.

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