Polka dot plant

Hypoestes. Easy to grow and very colourful small foliage plant. Suitable for most positions although they do not perform so well in shade.


Spider plant

Chlorophytum. Easy and relatively fast growing houseplant that readily produces small baby plants on the end of old flower stems.



Easy to grow and very versatile. Produces long trailing vines making it suitable as both a pot plant or indoor hanging plant.

Very easy to look after.

ficus white sunny.JPG

Creeping fig

Ficus White sunny. Undemanding and compact trailing plant. It has variegated heart shaped leaves on wiry stems. Do not let it dry out. 



Very wide ranging group of plants including some beautiful foliage plants. Most are fairly slow growing and prefer to be out of direct sunlight. 


Nerve plant

Fittonia. Brightly coloured foliage plant with a mosaic like decoration on the leaves. Easy to grow, in a warm and preferably humid spot.