Swiss cheese plant

Monstera deliciosa. Recently has become very popular again. Easy to grow, tolerates low light levels. Needs support, such as a moss pole.



Yuccas are stylish and very easy to look after. They will tolerate most locations in the house, are pest resistant and drought tolerant.

epipremnum aureum.JPG

Devil's Ivy

Epipremnum Aurea. Is considered one of the best houseplants for air purifying. Grow up a moss pole. Prefers a well lit spot

pachira aquatica.JPG

Pachira aquatica

Another easy to look after large houseplant. Pachira's glossy green leaves are usually atop an attractive braided stem. Trim lightly to restrict size.


Areca palm

Very popular foliage plant. They need a light position but out of direct sunlight. They benefit from a liquid feed once or twice a year.


Weeping fig

Very popular house and office plant.  A little more fussy than some: Position somewhere well lit but out of direct sunlight and any cold drafts.