Our favourite foliage plant with many differerent varieties available. They prefer reasonable humidity and keep out of direct sunlight.



An vast group of plants that have become very popular again. A great gift to give an inexperienced gardener as they require very little care.

haworthia fasciata.JPG


Aloes and Haworthia are delightful but distinctive succulents. Suitable for any room in the house apart from a poorly lit one. 



Well known as 'Mother in laws tongue' or 'Snake plant'. Elegant and a good beginners plant requiring little care apart from light watering. 


Money plant

also known as Jade plant. Slow growing but can get to a good size and like all succulents requires little looking after. 

Easy and popular. 

aloe vera.JPG

Aloe Vera

Perhaps the most well known succulent due to its many medicinal uses. Like all succulents it needs well drained soil and a light spot.  

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