Carnivorous plants 

Venus fly traps and pitcher plants are both popular. Do not lem them dry out: use rainwater to water them. 

pilea peperomia.JPG

Chinese money plant

A popular slow growing foliage plant. needs a light spot but not in direct sunlight and feed once a month during Spring and summer.



The ultimate in low maintenance indoor gardening

Terrariums have recently become very popular again. 


String of hearts

Ceropegia. This trailing plant is very fashionable at the moment. Semi succulent so does not require too much watering. 


String of beads

 An unusual and easy to keep succulent. They can tolerate

direct sunlight and do not require much water. 



Bonsai make fantastic long lasting gifts. They are fairly straightforward to keep. They do require regular watering, feeding and pruning. 

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