Christmas House Plants 

Browse our range of Christmas houseplants below. 

Azaleas - The key to success with growing Azaleas as houseplants is to keep them cool and prevent them from drying out.  ‘Christine’ is our favourite azalea, with darker green foliage and a flowering period of a month or more.

Poinsettia - Perhaps the most traditional Christmas houseplant and certainly the most popular. They are easier to look after than their reputation suggests. Place away from cold draughts and avoid getting them very wet.

Cyclamen Another traditional Christmas favourite. Simple to look after, just cut off the flower spikes when they have died. But most importantly, do not water the top of the plant, use a saucer so the water goes straight to the roots.

Terrariums - A lovely addition to any room or a great gift. We also sell empty terrariums for you to design and  plant yourself.

African Violets - Also known as Saint Paulias, these are compact, attractive flowering plants that prefer to be out of direct sunlight.

Kalanchoes - Small easy to grow flowering plants, the red varieties are ideal for the Christmas period.

Cacti planters - If you are looking for a houseplant to give a complete gardening novice then a cacti bowl is a great option. They can simply be placed on a windowsill and watered no more than once a month.

Amaryllis - These bulbs will spring into life once watered and placed somewhere warm. Their flower spikes maybe fairly short lived but are simply stunning.

Christmas cacti - A great low maintance houseplant for your Christmas collection, after they have finished flowering find a home for them in a cool spot out of direct sunlight and with very little attention they will flower again next year.

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